Monday, September 5, 2011

London's 100 Years of Fashion in 90 seconds!

Watching this video and seeing the fashion in the 70ies and 80ies really makes me scratch my head. What were people thinking? The whole punk look. Puke! Well, of course unless you ARE a punk! 

I wish people would still dress like in the the 1920ies. Just looked classy and cool! And why are not more people wearing hats. No, I don’t mean baseball hats. 

We need more style! And I would be more stylish if I could afford it! What about you?


I don't know. I'd go back to the seventies in a whim. Forget the style, the times were just awesome.

When I want to look stylish, I'll just wear a suit. No need for accessories, except for maybe a watch. Suits are awesome.

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Yeah raywj commented on this video but i think people care too much about fashion nowadays

I think it's funny how styles are constantly being recycled and strutted around as "new". My ex-girlfriend found a bag that her 95 year old aunt had that looks exactly like "vera bradley" bags that are popular now.

I've seen a video similar to this before. It was called, "Evolution of Dance" I believe. I like how fashion was included in this one.

Got my eye on new fall clothes, putting together the shopping list as we speak!

video must have taken forever to produce.

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