Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reese Witherspoon got hit by a car!

Today my day started same old, same old. Waking up like i had drank too much last night (eventhough i didn't even had a sip), brush my teeth, go to school while reading the newspaper in the train.

Now normally im that much of a reader in the newspaper, normally i just look at the titles, pictures and move on to the puzzles! But this catched my eyes...
It was about Reese Witherspoon, i'm sure you have heard of her. Oscar winner and main actress in Legally Blonde (2001). Now this odd thing happened earlier yesterday. She got hit by a car! While jogging in Santa Monica.

She was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning. She eventually sustained minor injuries and is now resting at home. After receiving some treatments ofcourse.

Now how did this accident really happen, you ask?
Officers of the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a call regarding this accident. The driver, who apparently was not really awake at around 11:14 am (don't worry, you're not alone!), hit Witherspoon with approximately 20 miles per hour while she was jogging within an unmarked crosswalk. And they say exercise is good for you!

The driver was an 84-year-old woman, well that explains all..


There really should be some sort of test that measures old drivers capability to drive when they reach a certain age. I'm not suggesting an age cap as it wouldn't be fair but some older drivers are just hazards, to others and themselves. I hope Reese gets better soon. Interesting blog by the way, following.

i'm glad that it wasn't something serious

If it is nothing major, all is OK. I kinda like Reese Witherspoon haha

She's lucky it wasn't more serious.

Good thing it was only minor

Yikes! I hope she's okay. This is why I don't go outside!

Snap, I like her! :S -.-'

Nice blog, following! :)

Haha, I'm with Shaw. Her chin saw Leno's chin driving a steam powered car and got so jealous it wrecked.

aw, poor girl. Hope she's ok!

shes so hot, hope she gets well soon

Reese without her spoon? :o anyway nice blog!

I've seen someone get hit by a car first hand in Santa Monica before, on the promenade... traffic and joggers do not mix well in that area.

Thank god it was only minor injuries!

wow bad news! Luckily she's not hurt that bad! And I have to agree with you, the age 84 is the cause of the accident I guess^^

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